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Charting Our Future.


Lip’alhayc Learning Centre
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The desire to thrive and succeed in this world is almost universal. A small few attempt to live in isolation from the rest of the world. The vast majority of us, however, as individuals and communities must continually mediate the competing values we encounter in our everyday lives. Our success in this matter can largely determine our ability to obtain our desires. Traditionally, conformity to a common set of values has been proposed as the best chance at personal fulfillment. Forgetting how specious this argument is for a moment, in our post-modern world there exists no such set of values common enough for us to embrace. Therefore it is more important than ever that educational institutions have a vision that will lead to the development of programs that help adults achieve self-reliance by strengthening personal abilities and community values.

“In our community, our local economy has dwindled very drastically so that employment opportunities are virtually non-existent with the fishing and forestry industry. This has caused more students to return to university to become more educated and require more training to be more employable.”

Sharon Wilson:
UCEP Proposal 2008-2009

Let Lip’alhayc Learning Centre Help!

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Our goals at LLC are to promote individual achievement, enhance personal abilities and nurture traditional values. If you are unemployed or underemployed then let us help. We currently offer Adult Basic Education and upgrading for post-secondary training. Be an adult grad or get ready for college in as little as five months!

At LLC we offer continuous enrollment in to our program that is individualized with a flexible timetable and focused learning. Courses are self-paced and emphasize mastery learning. A certified instructor oversees delivery of the B.C. curriculum. Evening sessions and tutoring are available. We can also help students apply for a daycare space and a child care subsidy.

An adult graduation certificate is not a G.E.D. Students at LLC who are working towards graduation take these classes: English 12 or Communications 12, Math 11, First Nations 12 and two more grade 12 electives. Students take one course at a time and move on to the next when they are finished. Students who attend LLC full-time and use their time wisely can complete a course in as little as one month. Students can also upgrade Communications 12 to English 12 and Math 11e to 11p for admission to a post-secondary institution. There are no tuition or student fees charged for students taking B.C. curriculum courses for ABE or upgrading.


Drop by and see Lawrence Northeast, Lip’alhayc Learning Centre Coordinator, on the Acwsalcta School Campus. Complete a registration form and participate in an advisement interview. Then complete the admissions letter and schedule an interview. Complete the placement testing and then set you goals and select your courses.
LLC Staff

Currently, the full time staff at LLC consists of one person. Lawrence Northeast is a BCCT certified teacher with 18 years in private and public education. Acwsalcta School staff and Administration provide support.

My name is Lawrence. While my name means victory, my mother Marion named me after a much loved cousin who died young.  I was adopted at the age of 11 by my step-father Ken Northeast and I took his surname. The ancestors of my birth and adoption come from England and Scotland.  Some arrived in British Columbia in the 1950’s to escape the conditions of England’s industrial heartland. Others came to B.C. via Windsor and Edmonton from the late 1800’s until the outbreak of World War 11. They all had in common a desire to start a new life for them and their families that was better than what they left behind. I have come to the Bella Coola Valley for much the same reason with my family and my in-laws.

I have had a good life in Kamloops. My wife, Veronica, and I have been married twenty-one years. We have two children, Thomas who is 10 and Sheridan who is 12. Veronica’s parents, Edv and Bigitte Falch are live-in, full-time grandparents. We have been foster parents for over 15 years and have fostered ten children from pre-school to teens.  Many were with us for years, some until they aged out of the system. Veronica is also a certified teacher’s assistant and a breeder of championship Golden Retrievers.

While we have lived in Kamloops these past few years, I worked in Ashcroft, where I taught high school English. In this small rural setting I learned the importance of student centered learning and team work. I enjoyed a lot of professional and personal fulfillment in that environment as I worked with my colleagues, parents and students to improve working and learning conditions at Ashcroft Secondary. I am currently working on a master’s degree in leadership at Trinity Western University. For some time now, however, we felt that our blessings were preparing us for new opportunities and challenges.

Now we have come to the valley. My prayer is that I have been called here to serve. So let me begin by thanking you for the call. Thank you for allowing my family and me this opportunity to start a new life. Thank you for allowing us to live on your land and for your warm welcome. I have been hired to provide adult education to the Nuxalk people and I will endeavor to make that education not only accessible but also relevant and meaningful.

At the Lip’alhayc Learning Centre it is my intention to make available to the people of the valley basic adult education and upgrading. My hope is to do this in a way that is both individualized and at the same time rigorous. The course work will be self-paced but will require mastery learning. Our learning community will strengthen individual ability through the application of cultural values and connection with traditions that foster community and cooperation. I look forward to serving you.

Yours for continuing education and economic independence

Lawrence Northeast
LLC Coordinator