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Health and Wellness


The Nuxalk Health and Wellness Program has many services available to Nuxalkmc. A few of the key services and programs available include:

Homemakers (Adult In Home Care Program)
The Nuxalk Nation has a homemaker program which is to assist Nuxalkmc with functional limitations (because of age, health problems or disability), to maintain their independence, to maximize their level of functioning, and to live in conditions of health and safety. The Adult In Care Program is primarily directed to serve the needs of the elderly.

To apply for a homemaker you need to complete an application for homemaker services form which is available at the Health and Wellness office. The application will be referred to the Community Health Representative for a Care Requirement Assessment which involves a home visit. The Coordinator will notify you as to whether or not you quality for homemaker services.

Wilderness Treatment Center
The Nuxalk Nation intends to establish, in association with the Bella Coola Valley General Hospital, a Wilderness Treatment Centre. The centre would include many of the mental health services identified in the Nuxalk Healing Plan. The center will offer programs that will be delivered in a number of settings including a wilderness base camp and a number of wilderness out camps, all to be located throughout Nuxalk Ancestral Territory.

Healthy Beginnings
Healthy Beginnings is a community program designed to support families during pregnancy and early childhood. This unique program is for families needing support in areas of: pregnancy, nutrition, breast feeding, child development, substance abuse issues and parenting.

Healthy Beginnings is at no cost for participants, however you will be encouraged to contribute time and energy to the program. Referrals are invited from families, community agencies, services and professionals.


Referral forms and further information are available by contacting:
Healthy Beginnings
Box 860
Bella Coola BC V0T 1C0

Phone: 250.799.5914
Fax: 250.799.5560

Nuxalk Health & Wellness Office
Phone: 250.799.5809
Fax: 250.799.5809