Nuxalk Nation

Way kamalh kw’alhtnim wa suuncw ats, p’iixlalayctimut-s ti qnklsytilh t’ayc ala snuxyals wa skulhaltwas; ska sisuuncwalh t’axw alhtxw.


Under the direction of Chief and Council, Nuxalk Administration is responsible for the guidance and management and of the Nation's on-reserve programs and services.
Wilma Mack
Director of Administration

Culture & Language

The Nuxalk Culture Department exercises our inherent rights and responsibilities as Nuxalkmc. As part of the Nuxalk Government, we are committed to protecting and incorporating Nuxalk culture into our ancestral and current governance structure. The Culture Department works respectfully and collaboratively with Nuxalk leadership and staff, community members and other aligned parties and networks. We provide traditional Nuxalk knowledge, language and understanding to support all departments in their planning, execution, and governance. We guide culturally appropriate policies and decision-making processes within our Nuxalk Government so that they reflect Nuxalk traditional law, values, principles, and cultural goals.
Clyde Tallio
Director of Culture & Language


The Nuxalk Nation Health Department supports the delivery of a variety of healthcare services on-reserve including dental, optometry, audiology, and home care. The First Nations Health Authority, with an office located in Nuxalk Health, provides clinical and client care, home and community care, and communicable disease control through their community health nurse.
Our Team
Kirsten Milton
Health Director
Glenda Phillips (RN)
Home and Community Care Manager
Melinda Mack
Home Support Scheduler
Marietta Hans
Jeanette Apps
Restorative Justice
Faye Edgar
Cultural Liaison
Terri Siwallace
Health Assistant
Crystal Legault
Patient Travel Assistant
Mavis Walkus
Patient Travel Coordinator
Sophie Mack
FNHA Community Health Nurse
Amy Pootlass
FNHA Nursing Assistant
Alison Pootlass
Nuxalk LPN
Phylis George
Nuxalk LPN
Cheyenne Anderson
Health Receptionist
Elizabeth Howard
Nutrition & Lactation Consultant
bellacoolanut@gmail.comPh: 250 799 5914 ext. 207
Katrine Tallio
Aboriginal Infant Development (AIDP) Consultant
nuslhiixwta.aidp@nuxalknation.caPh: 250 799 5914 ext. 206Cell: 250 230 9327
Marie Schooner
Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCD) Consultant
nuslhiixwta.ascd@nuxalknation.caPh: 250 799 5914 ext. 201Cell: 778 267 8484
Cela Jones
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Key Worker 
nuslhiixwta.fasd@nuxalknation.caPh: 250 799 5914 ext. 205Cell: 250 957 7865


The Nuxalk Nation Wellness Department provides outreach services for those struggling with mental health issues, trauma, and drug and alcohol addiction through peer counselling, land-based healing, and Nuxalk cultural practices and protocols. Nuxalk Wellness provides support for families navigating the provincial child welfare system, as well as mental health, culture and recreation services for children and youth, and is currently incorporating wrap-around support services into its delivery model.
Our Team
Rhonda Schooner Sandoval
Land Based Healing Cultural Support Workers
Darlene Hall
Wellness Director
Vanessa Hans
Cultural Support Work
Mara Pootlass
Drug & Alcohol Land Based Healing
Eric Hunt
Peer Support Work
Cheyenne Tweedie
Youth Coordination
Peter Snow
Case Manager
Kelly Milton
Recreation Manager
Brad Dennis
Counsellor (contract)
Tina Clellamin
Rediscovery (Office Manager for Nuxalk Nation)
Sarah Hall
ESART Coordinator
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Clean Energy

The Nuxalk Nation Clean Energy Department is committed to reducing diesel consumption, improving energy efficiency, and reducing the community’s energy expenses in Nuxalk territory. The department is responsible for projects relating to run-of-the river hydroelectricity, solar installation, and community education and engagement.
Our Team
Vince Robinson
Crypto Coordinator
Shaina Tallio
GIS Mapping Technician
Terry Webber
Director of Clean Energy
Kyle Hall
Crypto Technician
Nelson Tallio
Trail Coordinator
Jody Edgar
Trail Builder
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Asset and Property Management

The Nuxalk Nation Asset and Property Management Department is responsible for Nation-owned community infrastructure and maintenance of on-reserve housing stock. The departments support one another on shared initiatives, but each is responsible for its own policies and future planning.
Our Team
Courtney Elliot
Property manager
Ashley Brown
Housing Assistant
Timothy Hans
Asset manager
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As the sovereign caretakers of our ancestral territories, the Nuxalk Stewardship Office takes direction from elected and ancestral Nuxalk leadership to fulfil their roles as stewards of our lands and waters. The Stewardship Office functions independently from Nuxalk Administration and, working closely with Statatlmc and using a consent-based decision-making process, supports Culture and Ancestral Governance, the Marine Use Department, Lands Management, the Coastal Guardians, and Nuxalk Fisheries and Wildlife.
Our Team
Sam Pascoe
Stewardship Director
Sam Pascoe
Marine Manager
Rhonda Morton
Stewardship Assistant
Jason Moody
Fisheries and Wildlife Lab Project Supervisor
Chris Nelson
Marine Use Coordinator
Jacob Gascoyne
Ancestral Governance
Nuxalk Nation Guardians
Ernie Tallio
Guardian Manager
John Sampson
Guardian Technician
Roger Harris
Guardian Technician
Charles Saunders
Guardian Technician
Clayton Walkus
Guardian Technician
Carlos Edgar
Guardian Technician

IT Department

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for the implementation, management and security of the Nation’s digital information and infrastructure. This department also supports the Nation’s newest partnership, a joint company formed with CityWest to deliver high-speed fibre-optic internet to the Bella Coola Valley and is committed to bringing digital equity to our community.
Our Team
Joseph Nash
Director of IT and Project Management
Tiffany Wycotte
System Support | Data Analyst