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Nuxalk Nation

Asset & Property Management

The Nuxalk Nation Assert and Property Management Department is committed to finding innovate and sustainable solutions that provide equitable access to housing and infrastructure. Nuxalk values, laws, and traditions are the foundation of the department and guide decision-making processes and future planning initiatives.

Nuxalk Property Management

Nuxalk Property Management (NPM) is responsible for planning future housing, and maintenance of all Nation owned housing units. Currently, the nation owns and operates forty-nine rental units and thirty-one rent-to-own units.
NPM’s main priority is Putl’alt, those not yet born. NPM has been exploring better alternatives to building, with the goal of net zero energy consumption to ensure a better future for Putl’alt.

Nuxalk Property Management is striving to provide safe, affordable and sustainable housing for all Nuxalkmc. The Nation is actively looking to expand the reserve to ensure every member has the opportunity to be a home owner.

In order for Nuxalk to combat the housing crisis we all have to work together, Smaw ti slq’ilh, one heart one mind.
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Courtney Elliott
Property Manager
Rita Svisdahl
Housing Assistant
Nuxalk Nation Housing Policy

Asset Management

The Asset Management Department is responsible for all Nation-owned buildings and infrastructure on-reserve, including community water and wastewater systems, roads and bridges. The Asset Department manages the development and construction of new infrastructure, such as the Big House, as well as the upkeep and maintenance of all current infrastructure.
Timothy Hans
Asset Manager