Nuxalk Nation

Clean Energy

Biomass Initiative

The nation is looking into the possibility of a biomass facility for both “Heat” and “Power”. The project would use waste material’s available locally to fuel the system. Such fuel sources are being looked into now.

The areas we are hoping to get into are working with local bushiness to gather any “waste”, and also there is the chance of getting out to clean up different areas in our community of there wood “waste”.

The Biomass initiative will not only be looking at “power” generation but heating as well. This will hopefully impact certain homes who have only electrical dependence for heat. With that being said if you see Vince or Elijah out walking around town or 4-mile with people from Urban Systems feel free to come over and ask questions.
Vince Robinson
Clean Energy Coordinator

Nooklikonnik Power Project

The Nooklikonnik hydro generation project is currently in its infancy. With studies being completed to collected water flow data from year round to biological studies on the fish and wild life in the area. A huge thank you to the amazing team at Urban systems who have help to cultivate this project and move it along with great strides!

The next steps in the process will be getting Geo Hazard assessments done, Archaeological survey, and a Lidar Survey done. These are not that far off in the future.

Once our world calms down and “Normal” life can kick back up please feel free to reach out and ask as many questions as you’d like.

Terry Webber
Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nooklikonnik creek?

This spot was one of five that has been reviewed. With most choices all the others had one or more complications that could have had the pit falls of an en-devour that would have ended the project.

Will this provide jobs for our community members?

The project in the short term if the rest of the assessments and surveys go off with little to no issue and our project is approved. The increase in work will happens but this is in the short term until the project is completed. Once construction is completed and the project is switched into and “O&M” Operations and Maintenance the work load will be switch onto 2 or more individuals.

Why another hydro project?

Our valley is plentiful in many great and wonderful ways. The Most evident is our water that flows freely all along our valley and others. When studies were done to inspect the valley for potential power sources the choice became clear.

What is next to move the project along?

Next are the exciting parts that gets our team excited for the project. There are five next steps for the project to move along.

Hydrology studies, This is the study of water and all its complexity’s. The studies revolves around taking in the data for how much water there is flowing year round, how the projects “foot print” will impact the creek. This is current and on going.

Biological studies, This study looks for impact on our wildlife. first they look for natural fish barriers. From the barriers they move to other methods one such is live traps. If it can be established there are no fish in the area or a suitable number that mitigation can be used then studies move to more land based impacts to look at how wildlife will be impacted and what best practices are to mitigate the impact. This has just been started and will be on going.

Geo hazard studies, The study is there to minimize the impact of Geo Hazards on cost, safety and environmental integrity. This is slated to begin with-in the next couple of months depending.

Archaeological Study, This study needs to be done to verify that we are respecting our ancestors and the land on which they walked before us. This will be slated to begin in the future as a date has not been given yet.

Nuxalk Energy Empowerment Program

We are looking into electricity usage and management techniques for our community to use at home and for local bushiness’s and community centers to deploy as well.

One-on-One bill coaching.

The coaching provides an in-depth look into how the billing process works and what the appropriate channels are to go to for help.

If you are experiencing problems and would like to know more please feel free to call, email, or just drop by the office any time. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page as well there is a contact button above.

If you would like our comprehensive guide for those future moments when you or someone you know is having difficulties please send us an email at “ or“ or drop by to get a paper copy.
Elijah Mecham
Community Engagement & Climate Action Coordinator

Ground Water Monitoring Program

Kala is a organization that Urban Systems has asked to come and drill well sites around the community. These well sites will be used to monitor the ground water levels to give us a better idea of how to mitigate flood and erosion’s damage. The program hopes to be able to mitigate risks to the community when building new infrastructure and perhaps proved insight into projects in the future.

The next steps in this are easy, as the holes are already drilled. We will be Monitoring the water levels and reporting the data right back to the experts, and begin to mark out our path from there.

The Company Urban Systems is led by an amazing group of people and have many experts in there respected Fields. The Nuxalk Nation recognizes there invaluable contributions to our many projects. Urban Systems was approached about water table monitoring as part of a collaborative effort from many sectors of the nation for the reasons listed above.
Elijah Mecham
Community Engagement & Climate Action Coordinator
Over the past few years many people with-in the Nation have worked towards a hydroponics facility. It started with a commercial idea for growing food to sell for market.

Towers were built to grow commercial grade lettuce. In the course of one year the “small scale operation” managed to produce 136 lbs of lettuce for sale.

With the small scale completed, the look to expand began. Now the projected size of the facility is 10,000 sq/ft. The nation is currently discussing where to put the facility. The facility would house 343 commercial sized vertical aeroponic towers. The ‘Foot Print” was developed by a experienced commercial hydroponics equipment manufacturer.

Once the Project location is solidified the next chapter in our nations hydroponic history begins.

(The photo to match this write-up, are locations under review for the facility.)