petes nuxalk pics 09.11.07

A words

The following is a list of words in the Nuxalk language that start with the A sound.

Aw yes
Acwlh some
Ala ats it is right here
Acwsan to be an expert
Alatsii to tell
Alhawlh to follow
Alhay it is like it
Alhaysts right now
Alhayts it is right here
Aluux last
Alhps to eat
Axxut to cough
Acwsalcta a place of learning
Akwa to buy
Alhwlalh rain
Asik middle finger
Asmus three
Axw no
Alhtunica yesterday
Anuxum river
Amlham summer
Amlhamii spring
Asntl’s last night
Asuk’ wind
Amlh spring salmon
Asya to cut fish
Aqw’m theĀ  herring are spawning