Nuxalk Nation

Here you can find a list of basic sentences that you can use with basic communication.

Anustsayanmaxw all of you listen
Anustsayanmx you listen
Alhiit mtnu you get up now
Alhiit axtsmlh let's go to bed
Alhkaltcwmitsutx be careful
Alh7alhcutsmi7it you better hurry and eat it
Alhwlalh suts'ntsk it is raining again
Alhwlalh alh ti suncwt it is raining today
Alhiit alhpsnu you come and eat
Axw ti ka qinxts I have no shoes
Axw ti ka qulh quulhtats I have no pencil
Axtsmxats' go to bed now
Aytusays ka ya anything will do
Ayk'aawslhts I slept in
Ayk'alhts I am walking slow
Ayk'aak tsi waats tsc my watch is slow
Kanusyam it tastes good
K'aym it is snowing
K'aym alh ti suncwt it is snowing today
K'aymlhma asntl's It must have snowed last night
Kmaylqsakts my finger is sore
Kmayaalhts my feet are sore
Kmayulhkts my back is sore
Kmamtinits I am still tired and sleepy
K'musmts my birthday
Aw yes
Maasklancwnuliits'? how old are you?
Ktl'aalhiits'? my dress is short
Lhinawit alhpsap you folks all come and eat
Maskulhiks wa stuululhnu? how much money did you make?
Nuyamlhawit you sing
Nusxwataxakts I am lazy
Paaxuts alh ti nan tc I am scared of the grizzly bear
Paaxuts alh in wics ulxusinu I am scared of you because you are drunk
Pacwiks ska tl'apnu? when are you going?
Pacwiks ska tl'apnu ulh numamis ? when are you going to Tallio Cannery?
Pcaqw'sanlh ti nupnu tc you've got a bright colored dress
Quts'ulmcmx wash the floor
Quts'ax wash the dishes
Stamks wa knicicwts? what are you eating?
Stamks wa kslhtucw alhti suncwt? what were you doing today?
Stamks ka knicilh? what kind of food are we going to eat?
Ya wa suncw it's nice today
Yati slq'ts sk'c tsinu I am glad to see you
Ya tis7anukaliikhs good afternoon
Ya ti slq'ts k'ctulhap I am glad to see you all
Yayaasinu you are pretty
Smp'uulhtnmts I am playing softball
Slk'lalhts my feet are cold
Imlktalhp those are for the boys only.
Kanusyam ti nuxwski the soapberries taste good
K'aym wa asqats it's snowing outside
Kw'asm ti asuk' tc the wind calmed down
Laalaq'amts ca sputc I'm frying some ooligans
Maskamaakliits' alh7aysts? what time is it right now?
Nacliwalhts' we are ready
Panyalh ca smlhk alh ti suncwt we are smoking salmon today
Aniciisuts' ska amlhamiis it's almost spring time again
Ka K'ctsinumatuts' I'll see you again
Ka k'ctulhapmastuts' we'll see you folks again
Tlhulh fast
Axwtxw tlhulhtimutnu don't drive to fast
Tsnmlculh slowing down
Kastsayulhtulhap I am asking you folks
Ala ka anaykmip what is it you want?
Axwku kwmanu it's not good bye - see you later
Tl'apilhtxwats' let's go now
Ka cuk'mts mats' kaynucs maybe I'll bath tomorrow
Q'pstx t'aw tc yumalcw taste that, it's sour
Q'uxlcts tas tl'ikmlhts mnlhimut_ts luu I'm tired from running, I'll rest for awhile
Ya tis inacw good morning
Ya wa suncw nice day
Yatxw ka suncwnu you have a nice day
Ya ti slq'ts kctsinu I am glad to see you
Nuxi wa asqats it's bright outside
Nuxyaltwa the whole atmosphere is bright
Ut'p ti t'miixw a rotten stump
Xwalc wa k'ayts the snow is melting
Qwli wa tststawlhpaakts-ts cedar bows are green
Tsyustsx c t'aw tc pass me that
Qw'xwmlh cats txulxlh we are going up the valley
Anuqlamikts alh inu I feel sorry for you
Pacwlks ka k'musmnu when is your birthday
Nunulhuk'ts ka ksnmakts I am lazy to work
Putl'x ska alhpsnu ka ts'icwamaaks come on over and eat at 5 o-clock
Axwtxw alats'inu don't tell anyone
Sp'lxsnmts ulh lha stants I am going to phone my mom
Waylit lha tu did he? she say ok?
Kuultilh ca nustiiplhak alh ti sntl't let's rent a video for tonight
Kma ti slq'ts nuscanmikmitsuts ts asntl's I'm sorry, I was upset last night
Axwtxw scliktnu axw tiixumlhits ka aylhs don't be angry. I didn't mean to do it.
Panyats ca amlh alh ti suncwt I am smoking spring salmon today
Sluq' ooligan grease
Ts'mtaaq smoked ooligans
Alhxu7xuplh wa samlh a baked sockeye salmon
Laalaq'amnua ca samlh? are you frying sockeye salmon?
Aqw7uliikw policeman
Sicsiiqw airplane
qw'xwmtimut car or truck
Ayuts ts lukus axw ka ayts ala ka aluux I promise I wouldn't do it anymore
Stamlits' sinunuskumnu? how come you are smiling?
Sxaaxutsmnua? are you shaving?
Axwtxw ulqliwatimutnu don't be silly
Ksnmakts ala nu alhpsalsimts I work in a restaurant
Wikaks wa amataknu s ksnmaknu? where are you working?
Anayknua ska alhpsilh ala alhsalsimts? you want us to eat at the restaurant?
T'nxwtanaw wa acwalctnmts education authority
Qmlcts' alh ti suncwt it turned mild today
Nulht'aat'qta construction nails
Nulht'aat'qta atucwts those are thumb tacks
Alhkw'alhtnakta type writer
A7maytsk ka kaynucs maybe tomorrow
S7aamis clh numawtats cinu you are always my friend
Kmalaycts alh ti suncwt I am sick today
Axw ya ti nunulhuk' it's no good to be lazy
Cwpaycilh ala kstulh ats it is a relief to finish our work
Kwanat ts qiqti tsc the little girl is crying
Sik'amlh tsi qiqti tsc the little girl got hurt
Q'ilhulhiktsx scratch my back
Ayk'aak tsi waats tsc my watch is slow
Stamks ka knicilh? what are we going to eat?
Alh tu malacwalh last year
Stamks ka kstuck ka ayk'm luunis? what are you doing later on?
Tmixq'milhts tu I'm just walking around
Alhalatsicwnuks how are you?