Nuxalk Nation

Emergency Management

Emergency management is the coordination and management of resources and responsibilities pertaining to the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from an emergency.

The Nuxalk Nation Emergency Department seeks to make our community safer and less vulnerable, with the capacity to cope with hazards and disasters.

During an emergency the Nuxalk Nation will activate its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The EOC provides overall jurisdictional direction and control, coordination and resource support for the community until the emergency has passed.

Due to our remote location, outside assistance is often unattainable for days. We also face challenges with our communications and hydro-electric systems, as we are considered a “micro-grid” community located off the main BC Hydro grid system. There are also issues with access, as the community is only accessible by one road (Highway 2) in and out.

 It is absolutely paramount that the community is able to support and sustain itself in the face of an emergency for up to a week if necessary.

Some of the most common emergencies the community faces are:

  • Flooding (particularly in spring and fall)
  • Wildfires (early to late summer)

The Nuxalk Nation Emergency Department works alongside our colleagues at Emergency Management BC,  Indigenous Services Canada, the Central Coast Regional District, and local essential service providers.

For more information on the Nuxalk Nation’s Emergency programming, please contact Emergency Management Coordinator:

Lucas Veltri: