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Marine Use

This Marine Use Plan will be developed by the Nuxalk, based on Nuxalkmc customary laws and practices.


Our Nuxalk Identity and Spirit are connected directly to our ancestral land and marine resources. As Nuxalkmc, we know that one will not survive without the other. Our Nuxalk ancestors were one with the land and water; which ensured all Nuxalkmc were provided for without sacrificing the needs of future generations. It is our responsibility to honour the wisdom of our ancestors and respect what is provided to us by Tataw.

Many Nuxalk marine resources have suffered a steady decline, some of which are near extinction and require immediate attention. The ooligan comes in such low numbers that the traditional harvest no longer exists. Ceremonial and social impacts of low food fish numbers hurt us deeply. Historic and modern practices of the commercial industry continue to impact our way of life. The Nuxalk people are not defeated. We maintain our sovereignty and will assert our Inherent rights and title to our land and marine resources.

Our hereditary chiefs, elders and community leaders will lead the way, to ensure that our people are always provided. This marine resource management plan will be guided by Nuxalk ancestral laws and knowledge. It is now time for Nuxalkmc to re-establish a healthy balance with our environment. Our Nuxalk customs, traditions, and spiritual values will provide a means of self-reliance and social well-being.

As Nuxalk, we stand together with pride and unity to ensure that our marine life is managed with authority and integrity to provide for all Nuxalkmc.