Nuxalk Nation


The House of Smayusta ( is the traditional form of Nuxalk Government, made up of hereditary chiefs, elders and community supporters. The name translates as "House of Stories" and refers to the ancestral stories of families that describe family lines and histories, the basis of Nuxalk organization. The House of Smayusta represents the sovereignty and traditional government of the Nuxalk.

The House of Smayusta is also a physical building (see photo) where current hereditary chiefs and supporters meet to discuss issues of importance to the Nuxalk. It is run by volunteers and does not receive government funding for any of its activities or overhead costs.

Recent discussions and awareness campaigns organized by the House of Smayusta include environmental threats such as salmon farming, proposed industrial mining and a rock quarry located on sensitive salmon habitat and continued industrial logging and its aftermath throughout Nuxalk Ancestral Territory.

The sovereignty of the Nuxalk Nation comes from Tatau, the Creator. It is not granted nor subject to the approval of any other nation. As the Nuxalk Nation, we have the sovereign right to jurisdictional rule within our own territory. Our lands are a sacred gift. The land is provided for the continued use, benefit and enjoyment of our people, the Nuxalkmc, and it is our ultimate obligation to Tatau, the Creator, to care for and protect it.

- House of Smayusta

For more information, go to the House of Smayusta website