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Wuikinuxv Kitasoo Nuxalk Tribal Council (WKNTC) is a registered non-profit society in BC. WKNTC is a community economic development organization and an alliance serving the Nations. The role of WKNTC is to provide advisory and/or program services to band members in the areas of community planning, band government, technical services, financial management and economic development.

The WKNTC has executive directors, which are the elected Chiefs of the member Nations and every elected councillor is a director/member of the WKNTC. The Executive Directors and Directors govern the WKNTC which has two staff members. The Senior Planner/Administrator, Deborah Nelson and the Office Manager/Reception/Finance Clerk. There are two offices out of which services are provided, the head office in Bella Coola and a satellite office in Vancouver.

Some of the recent projects/services provided by the WKNTC include the Nuxalk Economic Strategic Planning project, the Land and Resource Management Plan project, the broadband project, and the community technology planning project.

For more information on the WKNTC, please contact Deborah Nelson:

Wuikinuxv Kitasoo Nuxalk Tribal Council (WKNTC)
490 MacKenzie St
Box 760
Bella Coola BC V0T 1C0

Phone 250.799.5448
Fax 250.799.5779