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Information Technology

Improving Connectivity

Improved connectivity will be transformative for our community because of the many benefits access to high-speed broadband will bring us. It will allow for easier access to telehealth and online consultations with medical professionals; give us the opportunity to connect with more online education, which will enable us to raise the capacity within our community; give us access to as much information as we need to ensure our community grows and flourishes. 

We also believe access to fast and reliable Internet services will strengthen the safety of our community: it is always beneficial to have access to a high-speed network in cases of emergency, because time is our most valuable asset in those situations.

Due to its remote location, our community has been underserved with Internet for many years. The CCP will link our community with the world, so we will no longer be experiencing the ill effects of the digital divide. As a result, we will experience a better quality of life in the place we call home.
Joseph Nash
Director of IT and Project Management

Creating the Department of IT

The Nooklikonnik hydro generation project is currently in its infancy. With studies being completed to collected water flow data from year round to biological studies on the fish and wild life in the area. A huge thank you to the amazing team at Urban systems who have help to cultivate this project and move it along with great strides!

The next steps in the process will be getting Geo Hazard assessments done, Archaeological survey, and a Lidar Survey done. These are not that far off in the future.

Once our world calms down and “Normal” life can kick back up please feel free to reach out and ask as many questions as you’d like.

Joseph Nash
Director of IT and Project Management
Tiffany Wycotte
System Support | Data Analyst