Nuxalk Nation


Coastal First Nations (CFN)

Protecting our Coast. Building our Economy.
A unique alliance of nine BC First Nations, creating jobs for the future and protecting the Great Bear Rainforest.
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Coastal Guardian Watchmen

Across the North Pacific Coast, Guardians have come together to form the Coastal Guardian Watchmen—a regional group that works collaboratively to steward this entire coastal region.
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Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance (CCIRA)

First Nations culture and well-being are intricately linked to the health of our environment. For over 10,000 years we sustainably managed our territorial resources, ensuring that the trees, fish and water in our territories provided for today’s needs without compromising the health of the resources for future generations.
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Providing Internet Services, TV Plans & Phones
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Wuikinuxv-Kitasoo-Nuxalk Tribal Council (WKNTC)

Formed in 1986, the Wuikinuxv-Kitasoo-Nuxalk Tribal Council (formerly known as the OKNTC for Oweekeno-Kitasoo-Nuxalk), is an intergovernmental organization and forum that reports to the member Nations and serves their collective needs while fully respecting each member Nation's individual right to self-governance.
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