Nuxalk Nation


Stewardship Director

Ucwalmicw Tmicw – Our People and Our Land are One

Nuxalk Stewardship
Guided by our ancestral governance, we work to ensure healthy land and marine environments for the needs of all Nuxalkmc and other beings in our territory.

What We Do

We are the ALKW for our sovereign Nuxalk Nation.

We support caretaker responsibility of Ksnmsta under the Nunuts’u7uusnm or Council of Stataltmc (hereditary) and our elected Chief and Council.

We are accomplished member of Coastal First Nations, who will prepare for and adapt to impacts of climate change on the seafloor to mountaintop.

Advance Aboriginal Right Recognition with Provincial, Federal, and industry under new Nuxalk agreements.


Develop a sustainable investment case Coastal/River Guardians compliance and enforcement operations

Identify capacity for Nunuts’u7uusnm and Council and historic governance research

Begin Specific Claims

Support development of Nuxalk Community Based Fishery – fishing plans

2021 BC Parks Pilot Guardian Stewardship

Begin Phase 2 Youth Trail and cabin (Nusatsum-Noieck River)
Bernie Elkins
Stewardship Director
Rhonda Morton (Plcwlaqs)
Office Assistant


Our mandate is to be the eyes and ears of our Nation. We are out patrolling and monitoring our traditional territory each year. We have been conducting various scientific survey as well those include dungenous biological surveys, rock fish surveys, drop camera surveys, kelp surveys, estuary monitoring, the list goes on. We get to work with our youth and elders and community at large.
Ernie Tallio
Guardian Manager

Marine Use

The Marine Use department is involved with a wide range of different activities, including: fisheries; oil-spill preparedness; shipping; forestry; conservation; climate change adaptation, and marine management. Current major projects include: the salmon crisis; Fisheries Resources Reconciliation Agreement (FRRA); development of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) network and a feasibility study for a National Marine Conservation Area Reserve (NMCAR).

The primary function of the position is to implement the goals and objectives identified in the Nuxalk Marine Plan (NMP) and the Central Coast Marine Plan (CCMP). The over-all purpose of these two plans is to provide protection for all of the natural resources in Nuxalk Ancestral territory by establishing Protection Management Zones (PMZ’s) and Marine Protected Areas (PMA’s) where no harvesting for commercial and recreational extraction and at the same time identifying areas where commercial and recreational can harvest resources. Further to the stewardship office has identified areas that are closed to commercial and recreational harvesters for Dungeness crab and other areas open for the commercial and recreational industry.
Sam Pascoe
Marine Manager

Office Assistant

The assistant offers support to the NSO Director and the Department Managers as well: Marine Manager: Nuxalk Commercial Salmon Fishery and Shoreline Debris Cleanup; Coastal Guardian Watchmen: crab studies; Lands & Referrals; Fisheries & Wildlife Coordinator: sputc project, bear study, bear safety, ooligan study, bio sampling; and also our Ancestral Governance Dept. The assistant will help with the general financial administration and basic daily operations of the office which also include monitoring field staff. Daily basics can include range from greeting phone calls, arranging meetings or travel, to entering scientific data for research projects for example our FSC (Food, Social & Ceremonial) catch statistics, eulachon study sampling data, bear study sampling, tidal food fish bio sampling, issuing transport permits or designation letters and the list goes on in our diverse departments.

Covid-19 has made it interesting to get some work deliverables done but the crews have been awesome and have made it happen. We’ve done some training with other organizations and as well within our departments and if opportunity presents have extended out to our membership as well. This position truly allows one to enhance our knowledge of our land, water resources and the governance it entails for us to ensure that as keepers of the land and water, we protect these resources for the years to come.
Rhonda Morton
Stewardship Assistant