Nuxalk Nation


Upholding Nuxalk laws, culture, and language and guided by Nuxalk ancestral governance, Nuxalk Stewardship is committed to ensuring its lands and waters remain healthy for the current and future needs of all beings in our territory. Smaw ti slq’ilh (One Heart, One Mind).


The Nuxalk Stewardship Office (NSO) acts as the Alkw (spokesperson) for the Stataltmc (hereditary leadership) on the territory. The role of the NSO is to ensure Nuxalk lands and waters are managed in a sustainable way with respect for Nuxalk Ancestral Law. We support decision-making by informing and educating in a way that is respectful of leadership and benefits the Nation as a whole.
Bernie Elkins
Stewardship Director
Rhonda Morton (Plcwlaqs)
Office Assistant

Marine Use

The Marine Use department is engaged in a wide variety of different activities in Nuxalk territory including fisheries, oil-spill preparedness, commercial shipping, forestry, conservation, climate change adaptation and marine management. Our current focus areas are addressing the crisis in salmon stocks, the Fisheries Resources Reconciliation Agreement (FRRA), the development of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) network and a feasibility study with the federal government for a National Marine Conservation Area Reserve (NMCAR).

The department exists to implement the goals and objectives identified in the Nuxalk Marine Plan and the Central Coast Marine Plan. These plans guide decision-making processes in the territory, protect Nuxalk’s natural resources, and help to identify zones that need protecting.
Sam Pascoe
Marine Manager

Nuxalk Guardian Watchmen

Nuxalk Guardian Watchmen are the eyes and ears of Nuxalk territory and play a critical role in all aspects of stewardship. The Guardians conduct regular patrols and monitoring exercises throughout the territory checking for compliance and carrying out scientific studies and analysis on marine species. Guardians ensure that resources are sustainably managed, that rules and regulations are followed and that land and marine use agreements are implemented effectively.

The Nuxalk Guardian Watchmen are part of the larger network of Coastal Guardian Watchmen who have come together as a regional group to steward the coast, but function independently according to Nuxalk customs and protocol.
Ernie Tallio
Guardian Manager
Smaw Ti Slq'ilh
One Heart, One mind