Nuxalk Nation


The Nuxalk Nation Wellness Department aims for all Nuxalk members to be safe, healthy, independent and culturally strong.

Land Based Healing

The Nuxalk Nation Wellness Department has full confidence in the power of land-based healing. This program provides families and individuals the opportunity to connect with the teachings that form the basis of a Nuxalk life – Stl'mstaliwa – the full human experience. This program shares the essence of those essential Nuxalk teachings and offers the chance for a reconnection with our Nuxalk culture, land and waters.
Land Based Healing Cultural Support Worker
Rhonda Schooner Sandoval

Emergency Sexual Assault Response (ESART)

The Emergency Sexual Assault Response program offers support for our Nation’s people. Offering information, emotional support and practical assistance, this program is able to help Nuxalkmc work through trauma and deal with the criminal justice system by referring both resources and options. This program is engaged with Nuxalkmc to ensure the community feels safe and acknowledge whilst offering immediate assistance ensuring safety and protection for the survivor. This program also provides guidance and support through medical and judicial channels for persons choosing to use those systems. Please contact the ESART Coordinator for more information.
ESART Coordinator
Cheyenne Andy

Youth Coordinator

The Youth Coordinator offers programming at the Nuxalk Youth Centre to support our Nation’s young people. Offering fun, safe, and creative programs, Nuxalk youth are engaged through a variety of activities such as baking, traditional crafting, art, and sports. The program also offers a lunch and dinner program three times per week. Please contact the Youth Coordinator for more information.
Youth Coordination
Maddison Mack

Peer Support Work & Drug and Alcohol land-based healing

Nuxalk Wellness provides peer support workers specializing in drug and alcohol counselling to support those struggling with addiction. Our support workers are experienced in back on the land techniques to connect their clients to culture and nature as a vessel for healing. If you are struggling, please reach out. We have a self-referral process you can access here (link to self-referral form, TBD)
Eric Hunt
Drug & Alcohol Peer Support Worker
Peter Snow
Case Manager
Glenn Clellamin
Land based Healing Peer Support Worker

Recreation Department

The Recreation Department runs athletic programming for youth and adults at the Nuxalk Hall. The program is managed by Recreation Director Kelly Milton, and includes basketball, volleyball, and a variety of indoor sports. The program operates both drop-in and scheduled activities.
Kelly Milton
Recreation Director

Wellness Services and Programs

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