Nuxalk Nation


Land Based Healing

Cultural Support Worker for the Land Based Healing Program. I work with Youth & Families teaching my generational teachings of the stl'm stalliwa~ Our full human experience and share my knowledge of out Nuxalk traditional way of Being to the best of my abilities.
Land Based Healing Cultural Support Worker
Rhonda Schooner Sandoval

Sexual Assault Response

Supervisor of the Sexual Assault Response Outreach/ Advocate team at Nuxalk Wellness. The sexual assault response team (SART) is a multidisciplinary team which includes victim advocates, RCMP, & VCH who work together to ensure that all victims of sexual assault in Bella Coola have access to coordinated, professional trauma- informed & victim- cantered services.
Sexual Assault Response
Caley Watts

Clinical Counselling

Indigenous clinical counsellor who works with children, youth & adults both in- person and online. Offers counselling and art therapy out of the Youth Center in downtown Bella Coola.
Clinical Counsellor- Children, Youth & Adults
Niki Watts

Drug & Alcohol Land Based Healing

Not only do I help in setting up people going to treatment centers or detox centers, but also I helo set it up when people feel the want to do dips or do sweats or want to go to the Hot Springs etc. I help people that want counselling too.
Drug & Alcohol Land Based Healing
Mara Pootlass

Peer Support Work

Work with alcohol & Drugs, male or female to help them with addictions. And run AA meetings.
Peer Support Worker
Eric Hunt

Youth Coordination

I am the Youth Coordinator for the Nuxalk Wellness Youth Centre. We provide a safe fun space for the youth in the valley. We play games do crafts & bake with the youth. three days a week we provide lunch/ dinner for the youth participants.
Youth Coordination
Cheyenne Tweedie