Nuxalk Nation

Visitor Protocols

Yaw Smatmc! As a guest in our territory, we ask that you abide by the following protocols. These four protocols are based on Nuxalk Laws that have guided our people for generations. Stutwiniitscw!

Qlamta - Respect all beings

Respect for the land and the life it holds
Acknowledge Nuxalk Rights & Title throughout the territory 
Listen, speak kindly, and understand boundaries

Kastsayulh - Ask permission first

Accept that not all areas are open to visitors
Ensure you follow official protocols and guidelines
Ask permission before taking pictures of people and places

Putl’lt - Take care of the land and each other

Always think of future generations
Leave the land cleaner than you found it
Support our local artisans and businesses

Yayaatwi - Be happy

Relax and enjoy yourself!
Be present in the territory
Slow down, be mindful and connect with your surroundings in a good way

Nuxalk Sacred Sites

There are a number of sacred sites in Nuxalk territory. The most popular are the Squmalh (Thorsen Creek) Petroglyphs. These rock carvings are estimated to be over 5000 years old. Three quarters of all rock carvings in North America are found on the Central Coast and were created in strategic locations throughout Nuxalk territory. This site is incredibly significant to Nuxalk people and we ask that you only visit Squmalh with an accredited Nuxalk guide and that you follow all of the
requested protocols to ensure the site remains protected.

Also sacred to Nuxalk are three hot springs located in Nuxalk territory, Icp’iixm (Tallio), Alhltl’liiqw (Eucott Bay) and Nuskw’lh (Nascall Bay) and the Lhkw’ ti tsatsawlhp (the “Big Cedar”) at Ts’awlhmim (the village site of Larso Bay). Once again, we request that, if visiting, you do so with an accredited Nuxalk guide and treat the site with the utmost care and respect.
Download the Protocols by Clicking Here